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HPC Task Force

last modified Jun 13, 2017 11:03 PM
ENES has set an HPC Task Force (HPC-TF) to gather and express community needs and to organize the community around HPC issues.

The ENES HPC Task Force aims to advice the ENES Board on all issues relevant to High Performance Computing for the European climate modelling community, such as those related to the use of the European HPC ecosystem, in particular with regards to the PRACE European facility, and issues related to software developments. The ENES Task Force is serving projects like, today, IS-ENES2 and ESiWACE. It has recently been extended to include issues related to Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP)

The ENES HPC-TF is consulted on issues such as:

  • Providing input on HPC requirements for the update of the ENES infrastructure strategy
  • Proposing ENES responses to PRACE requests on needs
  • Developing the ENES-PRACE collaboration
  • Following and advising on ENES involvement in HPC projects (e.g., EU or G8 calls)
  • Advising on ENES letters of support related to projects dealing with HPC


The HPC-TF also:

  • Follows the PRACE projects involving the ENES community
  • Helps develop technology tracking with regards to future computing
  • Follows exascale international issues
  • Helps develop collaboration with vendors


Members of ENES HPC-TF are, as of October 2016:

  • Jean-Claude André (ENES Board) - CHAIR
  • Giovanni Aloisio (CMCC)
  • Peter Bauer (ECMWF)
  • Joachim Biercamp (DKRZ, ESiWACE coordinator)
  • Reinhard Budich (MPI)
  • Mick Carter (MetOffice)
  • Francisco Doblas-Reyes (BSC-IC3)
  • Uwe Fladrich (SMHI)
  • Marie-Alice Foujols (IPSL)
  • Oliver Fuhrer (Meteo Swiss)
  • Francesca Guglielmo (IPSL, ENES Scientific Officer)
  • Sylvie Joussaume (IS-ENES coordinator, ENES Chair, PRACE SSC member)
  • Bryan Lawrence (NCAS, ENES Board)
  • Antonio Navarra (CMCC, ENES Board, PRACE SSC member)
  • Graham Riley (U. Manchester)
  • Sophie Valcke  (CERFACS, also member of PRACE AC)
  • Pier Luigi Vidale (U. Reading)


Selected recent activities of the HPC-TF are:

Organize a ENES/ESiWACE workshop on HPC for weather and climate applications

The workshop took place in the frame of second European HPC summit week (Barcelona, Spain, May 2017) that hosted workshops from various HPC initiatives (EXDCI, PRACE, ETP4HPC, EUDAT, FET and CoE projects) in Europe in order to find sinergies among all parties of the HPC ecosystem.

Organize a series of HPC workshops

Four such workshops have already been organized, in Lecce (IT, 2011), in Toulouse (FR, 2013), in Hamburg (DE, 2014) and in Toulouse again (2016). The next one will be organized in Italy. The aims of these workshops is to provide the community with (i) up-to-date reports of other initiatives of interest; (ii) a place to meet with vendors in a coordinate manner; and (ii) forum to discuss topics requiring collaboration and sharing of tasks.

Provide the discussion forum for preparing the so-called “HiPrACE” proposal

The HiPrACE proposal is the first multi-year climate proposal submitted to PrACE, and aiming at preparing part of the European contribution to the next IPCC Assessment report (AR6). Four European modelling groups are involved for a total of 270 M core hours on 3 different European machines.

Collaborate with the European project “Extreme Data and Computing Initiative” (EXDCI)

A number of HPC-TF members are also members of the EXDCI working group on “Weather, Climate and Earth Science”, which is tasked with the preparation of the exascale era, e.g., contribution to the revision of the “ETP4HPC Strategic Research Agenda” and of the “PrACE Scientific Case” (the final update will be released in 2017). These members report back to the HPC-TF and organize the links and common works as necessary

Collaborate with vendors

Ad hoc meetings are organized with vendors to hear about their plans for new architectures and to discuss further collaborations (e.g., preparing new benchmarks)

Internal Link Formulate a statement on Programming Languages in ESM by admin — last modified Sep 07, 2015 02:05 PM
As a reaction to the tendency in the HPC community to propose the use of „new" programming languages to re-engineer applications for the ever-changing modern architectures, the ENES HTP-TF has outlined the current status and expected timeline of programming languages in Earth System Modelling
HPC-TF Newsletter

On a regular basis, the ENES HPC Task Force issues a newsletter to convey information to a larger community. Click below to read current and past newsletters!