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Event: Workshop - Scalable IO in climate models

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Feb 27, 2012 01:00 PM to Feb 28, 2012 04:00 PM (Europe/Vienna / UTC100)
Hamburg, Germany
Contact Name
Alastair McKinstry
Arnaud Caubel
Camiel Severijns
Carlos Osuna Escamilla
Chandan Basu
Deike Kleberg
Eric Maisonnave
Jim Edwards
Joachim Biercamp
Jörg Behrens
Julian Kunkel
Luis Kornblueh
Marc Wiedemann
Martin Evaldsson
Mathis Rosenhauer
Mike Ashworth
Moritz Hanke
Nathanael Hübbe
Olivier Marti
Panagiotis Adamidis
Paul Selwood
Reinhard Budich
Simona Stefanescu
Stéphane Sénési
Steve Mullerworth
Thomas Jahns
Uwe Fladrich
William Sawyer
Yann Meurdesoif
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General information

The workshop was held from Feb 27th 2012 01:00 PM to Feb 28th 2012 04:00 PM in the DKRZ Building room 34 (directly across the main entrance).


The workshop was by invitation!


Notes on presentations

In order to have a good basis for a constructive discussion the speakers were asked to consider including some of the following points in their presentation:

  • What work has been done.
  • General idea of your approach
  • Why did you take this approach
  • Technical description of concept
  • Detail on implementation
  • Integrated into model or generic
  • Which problems arose while implementing?
  • Current status of development
  • Where is it being used?
  • Performance data
  • Advantages and disadvantages of your solution.
  • Can you do a live presentation of your solutions or give a hands-on session?
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