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last modified May 18, 2017 10:34 AM
ENES and the HPC landscape

The optimal use of the available computing resources, does not only require optimized model codes and software environments, but also an optimal knowledge on political, technical and structural developments in the HPC ecosystem. Thus, collaborations and information exchange with Eurpoean HPC ecosystem is indispensable.


Approaching the upcoming exascale era, close collaboration of ENES with the weather modelling community take place in the European Centre of Excellence in Simulation of Weather and Climate in Europe (ESiWACE) which address today's and tomorrow's computing and e-Infrastructure challenges with respect to scalability and operability of earth system models at a global cloud resolving scale.

find more information on the ESiWACE website

HPC Task Force

To foster efficient solutions for the increasing needs of computing power, ENES and its HPC-task force follow and inform on the developments in the HPC ecosystem; collaborations with the European HPC-infrastructure and with ICT companies are supported.

more information on the HPC Task Force ...


A suite of applications benchmarks of varying complexity ranging from simple kernels to coupled Earth System Models (ESMs) is currently being assembled within IS-ENES2 project.

more information on benchmarks ...

M4HR experiment

The Multi-Model Multi-Member High-Resolution experiment of the IS-ENES2 project is evaluating the efficiency by which European HPC systems are used in climate research.

more information on the M4HR experiment ...


ENES fosters the development of workflow solutions by organizing workshops and motivating information exchange on available tools and best practice.

more information on workflow solutions annd tools ...