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last modified Nov 10, 2016 12:22 PM


Most climate models provide own solutions for granular run time measurements during execution. Nevertheless, there is a compelling need for lightweight scalable profiling tools that do not significantly affect code performance, support different programming paradigms, hardware architectures and operating systems, and integrate following capabilities

  • automated and manual code instrumentation
  • usage of high-resolution timers
  • analysis of hardware performance counters
  • MPI analysis
  • I/O analysis
  • report on memory usage
  • support of Multiple Program Multiple Data (MPMD) programming model


Below, a list of open source profiling tools with low measurement overhead that cover some of the required capabilities  is compiled:

  • SCT is an easy-to-use low-overhead performance measurement library for massively parallel applications developed at DKRZ.
  • GPTL is a lightweight profiling library developed by Jim Rosinski.
  • DrHook is a lightweight profiling library developed by Sami Saarinen
  • mpiP is a lightweight profiling library for MPI applications developed at LLNL and ORNL. It collects statistical information about MPI functions.

A nice overview about comprehensive performance analysis tools provides Tools Guide compiled by VI-HPS.