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Coupler benchmarks

last modified Mar 30, 2017 12:37 PM



Version 1.0.0 of the Coupling Technology Benchmarks developed under IS-ENES2 is available

Coupling Technologies currently considered are:

  • Earth System Modelling Framework (ESMF)
  • OpenPALM
  • Yet Another Coupler (YAC)
  • Model Coupling Toolkit (MCT)


Version 1.0.0 of IS-ENES 2 Coupling Technology Benchmark consists of:

4 standalone components running on different grids used in real science models:

  • Self-generated, regular longitude-latitude src/single/lonlat
  • Stretched longitude-latitude src/single/slonlat (c.f. ORCA grid used in NEMO)
  • Quasi-uniform Cubed Sphere src/single/cubesphere
  • Quasi-uniform Icosahedral src/single/icosa


5 coupled models using five different coupling technologies making use of the regular longitude-latitude component:

  • OASIS3-MCT src/coupled/lonlat-lonlat/OASIS
  • ESMF src/coupled/lonlat-lonlat/ESMF
  • OpenPALM src/coupled/lonlat-lonlat/OpenPALM
  • YAC src/coupled/lonlat-lonlat/YAC
  • MCT src/coupled/lonlat-lonlat/MCT


All benchmark sources are available here (CouplingBenchmarks-1.0.0_src.tar.gz, 46 MB).

In addition, the grid netcfd files from the icosa and slonlat standalone components are available here (CouplingBenchmarks-1.0.0_grids.tar.gz, 576 MB) ; these are not needed to run the 5 coupled models using the regular longitude-latitude components.


If you have questions or problems, please contact sophie.valcke[at]cerfacs.fr