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Performance benchmarks

last modified Aug 06, 2018 10:26 AM

The ENES Benchmark Suite is assembled in order to provide real application benchmarks for evaluation and development of HPC systems, compilers, libraries, and tools. It is also intended for intercomparison of the computational performance of different ESMs and preparation of these models for extreme scale computing capabilities. All available benchmarks are categorized as follows:

Earthsystem models (ESM) Coupled ESMs are state of the art tools in the climate modelling research. They produce high compute and data workloads and stress many features of the computing systems.

Uncoupled models (UM) A proper choice of processor number and distribution between different component models is essential for the load balance and overall performance of a coupled ESM. Compared to ESMs, the risk of biased interpretation of performance is largely reduced for uncoupled models.

Couplers Couplers accomplish time synchronization, transformation and exchange of data between different components of Earth System Models. Coupler benchmarks are based on simplified model components and can be useful for addressing of principal coupling challenges in ESMs.

Kernels Kernels are small applications that mimic computation, communication, memory and disk access patterns that are characteristic for climate models.

Fortran ISO benchmarks The current programming language standards required by the most climate model benchmarks are Fortran 2003 and C/C++. A number of test cases for Fortran 2003 features has been made available by the RAPS community. The codes can be downloaded here.

Below you find a table with links to available descriptions, download-instructions and performance analysis for a choice of benchmarks.

DescriptionTypeDownload InstructionsPerformance
MPI-ESM1 ESM Instructions Performance reference
IPSL-CM ESM Instructions Performance reference
CMCC-CESM-NEMO ESM Instructions Performance reference
EC-EARTH ESM Instructions Performance reference
ICON UM Instructions Performance reference
Coupler Benchmarks
Coupler Instructions Performance reference
NEMO Tracer Advection Kernel Instructions Performance Reference
ICON Communication Kernel Instructions Performance Reference

See also our collection of documents and tools concerning model performance.