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Earth System Modeling Schools

last modified Jan 19, 2017 05:48 PM
Summer schools and similar events in Europe related to Earth System Modeling

Educational initiatives are valuable instruments to form and inform the community on the latest technical and scientific developments, and therefore of fundamental relevance among ENES activities.

ENES Schools  E2SCMS

ENES European Earth System and Climate Modelling Schools, E2SCMS, supported by the European FP7 project IS-ENES phase 1 and 2:

3rd E2SCMS (Helsinki, June 2016)

2nd E2SCMS (Barcelona, June 2014)

1st E2SCMS (Kos, June 2012)

Other Schools

Other upcoming schools, courses, workshops and educational initiatives in Europe related to Earth system and climate modeling are listed below.

You can browse through past initiatives here.

Title Description Start Date End Date
Summer School Fluid Dynamics of Sustainability and the Environment The Summer School on Fluid Dynamics of Sustainability and the Environment is intended for Ph.D. students, postdocs and engineers with a background in earth sciences, engineering or mathematics. Jul 01, 2019 Jul 12, 2019
Summer School on "Sea Level Change: observations, processes an modelling” An event for PhD students and junior post-docs. Jul 01, 2019 Jul 05, 2019
LMS Research School in 2019: "Mathematics of Climate" The London Mathematical Society (LMS) announces the next LMS Research School Jul 08, 2019 Jul 12, 2019
The 16th Urbino Summer School in Paleoclimatology Past Global Change Reconstruction and Modelling Techniques Jul 10, 2019 Jul 26, 2019
ICTP-CLIVAR Summer School Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems: Assessing and understanding their changes and predicting their future Jul 15, 2019 Jul 21, 2019
6th Summer School on Data Assimilation and its applications in Oceanography, Hydrology, Risk & Safety and Reservoir Engineering This summer school targets primarily students and researchers at an early stage of their career with/without previous experience in data assimilation. Jul 22, 2019 Aug 02, 2019
International Bachelor Summer School for Climate Change Research “Confronting Climate Change – from Science to Policy”. An event for bachelor students from different disciplines. Aug 05, 2019 Aug 16, 2019
18th International Swiss Climate Summer School 2019 “Carbon and Climate in the Paris World: Getting out of the Fossil Fuel Carbon Budget Crunch" Sep 08, 2019 Sep 13, 2019
Summer School “Climate Change Impacts on the MED Agro-Food Chain” The Summer School brings together the excellence of research in climatology, geography, ecology, landscape and resource management, nutrition, sociology, agricultural policy and economics. It will serve as a platform of education and knowledge transfer, interaction between disciplines, communication and collaboration between students and renowned scientists. Sep 09, 2019 Sep 14, 2019
Summerschool on Ice Sheets and Glaciers in the Climate System The course provides a basic introduction to the dynamics of glaciers and ice sheets with a focus on ice-climate interactions. Sep 10, 2019 Sep 21, 2019