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last modified Jun 17, 2015 06:19 PM
Programme for Integrated Earth System Modelling

Contact: PRISM
Start: Dec 01, 2001
End: Nov 30, 2004
Lead: MPG/MPI-M (Germany)
Participants: 20 partners from 10 countries
Funded by: EU EESD
Cost: 8419 k€
Funding: 4605 k€
Homepage: cordis.europa.eu
Download: www.dkrz.de
Contributing Institutes
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Earth system modelling tools used
CERA-2 Data Model

Project Description

Following the recommendations of the European climate research community (Euroclivar, November 1998), it is proposed to undertake a "Programme for Integrated Earth System Modelling" as a pilot infrastructure project for the establishment of a climate research network. The work plan foresees

  • the creation of a European management structure for developing, coordinating and executing a long-term program of European-wide, multi-institutional climate simulations;
  • the development of a set of portable climate community models and associated diagnostic software under standardised coding conventions that can be accessed by all European scientists;
  • the execution of a first suite of joint simulations.


The PRISM activities are organised around five areas of expertise:

  • Code Coupling and I/O,
  • Integration & Modelling Environments,
  • Data processing, visualisation and management,
  • Metadata,
  • Computing.


Resulting tools

Integration & Modelling Environments

PRISM Standard Compile Environment (SCE)

PRISM Standard Run Environment (SRE)

Corporate Infrastructure Services: prepIFS (a flexible User Interface framework that allows tailored graphical user interfaces to be built for the configuration of models and other software)

Corporate Infrastructure Services: SMS Supervisor Monitoring Scheduler.


The original project website www.prism.enes.org has been decommissioned. For detailed documentation, please refer to the PRISM page hosted at DKRZ and to the project page on the European Commission CORDIS portal. 


Most of these information have been collected from PRISM´s homepage .They have been last updated on Jun 17, 2015
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