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last modified May 20, 2015 11:33 PM
Distributed European Infrastructure for supercomputing applications

Contact: Stefan Heinzel
Start: May 01, 2004
End: Apr 30, 2008
Lead: CNRS (France)
Participants: 8 partners from 5 countries
Cost: 24351 k€
Funding: 13976 k€
Homepage: cordis.europa.eu

Project Description


The DEISA is a consortium of major national supercomputing centres in Europe that are coordinating their actions in order to jointly build and operate a distributed terascale supercomputing facility, whose integrated power will be close to 30 teraflops in 2004, The principal objective of this IA-I3 (IA-I3) is to advance computational science in leading scientific and industrial disciplines, by deploying an innovative Grid-empowered infrastructure to enhance and reinforce High Performance Computing in Europe. The proposed infrastructure is based on the tight coupling - using dedicated network interconnects - of six homogeneous national supercomputers, to provide a distributed supercomputing platform operating in multi-cluster mode. The production capability of the distributed platform is based on an innovative operational model, capable of providing substantial European added value to the existing national infrastructures. The distributed multi-cluster platform is in turn integrated into a larger heterogeneous Grid.

The service activities deployed in the research infrastructure are organized following the model of a virtual supercomputing centre. They are accompanied and supported by a number of research actions to reinforce the impact of a production quality infrastructure on leading applications in computational science, and to facilitate the incorporation of modern Grid technologies.

Most of these information have been collected from DEISA´s homepage .They have been last updated on May 20, 2015
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