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How to contribute to this portal

last modified Jul 22, 2015 01:30 PM
Enrich this portal by your expertise

The ENES portal benefits profoundly from the involvement of the community.

We aim to collect, prepare and include all information of interest to the community, but we need your help to stay close to your interests.

If you feel your expertise is not represented in this portal (aka the virtual Earth System Modelling Resource Centre, vERC) yet, you think some content is missing or you would like to see some news, events etc. published, you can either:

  • Contact the portal support team: to send us the information you think this portal should include.
  • Enter, arrange and promote your information yourself: by requesting an account at the portal (currently for IS-ENES Phase 2 project partners only). We offer standardized web forms to enter the basic information and automatically promote it at the appropriate place of this portal as well as individual pages to describe additional content.