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Third Workshop on Coupling Technologies for Earth System Models (CW2015)

last modified Dec 08, 2020 01:49 PM

The Third Workshop on Coupling Technologies for Earth System Models (CW2015) will be held on the 20th-22nd of April, 2015 at the Manchester Art Gallery in Manchester, U.K.


The workshop aims to bring together leading researchers and practitioners in the field of coupling infrastructure for Earth System models. This workshop is the third in a series, the first being held at CERFACS in December 2010 and the second at NCAR in February 2013. Topics relevant to the workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • Recent developments and experience reports on the development and use of coupling infrastructure for Earth System and other geoscience community models
  • Performance characteristics of coupling infrastructure, including benchmarking
  • Experiences from, and interaction with, the wider geoscience coupling community (such as hydrological modelling)
  • Framework interoperability (for example, the use of multiple coupling technologies in a single coupled application)
  • The role and use of metadata in coupling technologies 
  • Community aspects of coupling technology development: how to fund, govern and work together?