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Synda 3.3

last modified Jun 30, 2016 05:10 PM
IPSL announces Synda's newest release

Synda is a command line tool to navigate through the ESGF archive and download data.

New features are:

  • add examples for most subcommands.
  • localpath DRS can be customized in configuration file.
  • prevent error caused by tape to disk delay with HPSS system.
  • add 'index_host' and 'project' options for 'synda update' command.
  • add new format for 'synda dump' command.
  • add globus online support (experimental).


Changes are:

  • set gridftp port range to 50000-51000.
  • remove 'cache' subcommand (duplicate with 'update').
  • 'max_parallel_download' parameter moved from 'daemon' section to 'download' section.
  • rename 'path' section to 'core'.
  • move 'post_processing' parameter from daemon section to module section.
  • do not remove ca certs when using 'synda certificate renew'

Installation instructions: https://github.com/Prodiguer/synda

Command reference: https://github.com/Prodiguer/synda/blob/master/sdt/doc/command_reference.md

Configuration parameter reference: https://github.com/Prodiguer/synda/blob/master/sdt/doc/sdt_conf.md

Howto and tutorial: https://github.com/Prodiguer/synda/blob/master/sdt/doc/howto_and_tutorial.md

Bug can be reported at https://github.com/Prodiguer/synda


Synda is developed with support of the European FP7 Project IS-ENES2.

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