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A letter to the ESGF User Community

last modified Mar 24, 2016 05:28 PM
The ESGF Executive Committee and Development Team announce that a large portion of the CMIP5 and other high profile data (such as CORDEX, Obs4MIPs, and ACME) are once again available from Earth System Grid Federation.

The letter, addressed by Dean N. Williams, Chair of the ESGF Executive Committee, to the ESGF User Community, explains the problem that led to the overhaul of the ESGF, describes the modifications made to prevent future problems and improve the system, and provides instructions on how to re-register to download data from ESGF.

To access ESGF data (CORDEX, CMIP5) via IS-ENES and ESGF partner institutions, refer to this list (updated 24-03-2016).

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