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2 Post-doctoral Fellowship at CSAG, University of Cape Town, South Africa

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Climate System Analysis Group (CSAG), University of Cape Town, South Africa

2 x Post-doctoral Fellowship (up to three years annually renewable)

Fellowship #1: CORDEX / Climate Change Projections for Africa
Fellowship #2: Climate Services for Africa

What to expect: The successful applicant will have broad scope to develop their research profile within the objectives of the fellowship theme. You will have access to excellent computing and data resources, and a multi-disciplinary environment that is strongly collaborative with a diversity of interests. There is strong support for engaging with regional, national, and international partners, and some travel may be required within Africa.

1. Research focus: CORDEX / Climate Change Projections for Africa Submit applications by email to [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]. Please use reference PD-03-2012a in the subject line.

The fellowship focuses on the CSAG activities of the WCRP CORDEX program, and explicitly on the research for Africa. For more information on CORDEX and related activities in Africa, see http://wcrp.ipsl.jussieu.fr/SF_RCD_CORDEX.html and http://www.csag.uct.ac.za/cordex/. A diverse set of research topics are available within the theme, centered on the broad challenge of analyzing and using multi-model multi-method climate projection data.
Opportunities include integrating multi-model data, exploring uncertainty and likelihood, scale dependencies, model evaluation, limits to predictability, translation to stakeholder relevancy, projections of changes in climate processes, and feedbacks. Applicants should have submitted their PhD thesis. You will ideally have good familiarity with climate modeling, strong skills in analysis of climate data, competency in statistical methods, and programming ability.

2. Research focus: Climate Services for Africa
Submit applications by email to [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]. Please use reference PD-03-2012b in the subject line.

This position is part of a team engaged with the development of climate services, building on a multi-year track record with downscaled climate products, regional projections, workshops and short courses, and established relationships with users across Africa. The successful candidate will have flexibility to develop a research profile appropriate to their skills and past experience. Options for research include, for example, modalities of communication, understanding user needs, innovative approaches for delivery of climate information, climate impacts and adaptation, using multiple lines of evidence, exploring decision making and risk management within uncertainty, tailoring climate information for users, etc. Applicants for this position should ideally have good familiarity with climate change issues, ability to work with climate data and users of climate data, and a strong understanding of the issues related to climate impacts and adaptation knowledge needs, risk management, and decision making. The successful applicant will work with the CSAG team and in collaboration with the wider participant community of CORDEX researchers across Africa. For details about some of the current climate services from
CSAG, see http://www.csag.uct.ac.za/about-services/

About CSAG: CSAG is a vibrant multi-disciplinary research group at the
University of Cape Town, located in one of the most beautiful places in the world! The group has a strong track record in addressing climate-related issues. Research foci span atmospheric physics, climate analysis, climate modeling and forecasting as well as engagement with climate change impacts and adaptation, and developing support for stakeholders on climate data use and climate change issues. Currently CSAG runs multiple GCMs and RCMs, and has excellent computational resources. In addition, CSAG is strongly involved in international partnerships and major international activities, and has three members who are authors in the IPCC. Within Africa, CSAG plays a leading role in the research activities on the continent, and in delivering climate information to users.

To apply: Submit applications by email to [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]. No fax or postal applications. Include a letter of motivation outlining your interests and proposed research, a full CV (no certificates), and the names, email and telephone details of 3 referees. Further details are available on the CSAG web site at www.csag.uct.ac.za. You are also welcome to email with additional questions.

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