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HLRS Parallel Programming Workshop Fall 2015

last modified Sep 08, 2015 03:41 PM
A workshop on distributed and shared memory parallelization with MPI and OpenMP held at the HLRS Stuttgart
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Sep 28, 2015 08:30 AM to Oct 02, 2015 04:30 PM (Europe/Vienna / UTC200)
Stuttgart (Germany)
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Large seminar room, HLRS (Höchstleistungsrechenzentrum Stuttgart), Universität Stuttgart, Allmandring 30, D-70569 Stuttgart, Germany.



Sep. 28-29 HLRS Stuttgart Message Passing Interface (MPI) for beginners
Sep. 30 HLRS Stuttgart Shared memory parallelization with OpenMP-4.0 (for beginners)
Oct. 01-02 HLRS Stuttgart Advanced topics in parallel programming with MPI-3.1

Monday + Tuesday:
On clusters and distributed memory architectures, parallel programming with the Message Passing Interface (MPI) is the dominating programming model. The course gives an full introduction into MPI-1. Further aspects are domain decomposition, load balancing, and debugging. An MPI-3.1 overview and the MPI one-sided communication is also taught. Hands-on sessions (in C and Fortran) will allow users to immediately test and understand the basic constructs of the Message Passing Interface (MPI).

The focus is on shared memory parallelization with OpenMP, the key concept on hyper-threading, dual-core, multi-core, shared memory, and ccNUMA platforms. This course teaches shared memory OpenMP parallelization. Hands-on sessions (in C and Fortran) will allow users to immediately test and understand the directives and other interfaces of OpenMP. Race-condition debugging tools are also

Thursday + Friday:
Topics are MPI-2 parallel file I/O, hybrid mixed model MPI+OpenMP parallelization, OpenMP on clusters, parallelization of explicit
and implicit solvers and of particle based applications, parallel numerics and libraries, and parallelization with PETSc. MPI-3.0 introduced a new shared memory programming interface,  which can be combined with MPI message passing and remote memory access on the cluster interconnect. It can be used for direct neighbor accesses similar to OpenMP or for direct halo copies, and enables new hybrid programming models. These models are  compared in the hybrid mixed model MPI+OpenMP parallelization session with various hybrid MPI+OpenMP approaches and pure MPI.
Hands-on sessions are included.

Lectures will be given by:
Uwe Kuester, Martin Bernreuther, Uwe Woessner, and Dr. Rolf Rabenseifner (member of the MPI Forum).

The course language is English. All slides and handouts are in English.

The last two days of the course is a PRACE Advanced Training Centre (PATC) courses at HLRS.

Registration and further information:

http://www.hlrs.de/training/2015/PAR and

Deadline for registration: Aug. 30, 2015

You can book all days together or you may select specific days.
See the link to the online registration form on the web pages.



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