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Fundamental processes in geophysical fluid dynamics and the climate system
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Jun 22, 2015 09:00 AM to Jul 01, 2015 08:00 PM (Europe/Vienna / UTC200)
Valsavarenche (Italy)
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General Information

The Italian-French summer school on "Fundamental processes in geophysical fluid dynamics and the climate system" is organized each year by the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (ISAC) - CNR (Turin, Italy) and by the Centre national de la recherche scientifique (France).


Presentation of the Course

Land-atmosphere interactions describe the coupled exchanges of momentum, heat, moisture and carbon between the land surface and the overlying atmosphere. These feedbacks are regulated through the interface: the planetary boundary layer in which intense turbulence occurs. Land-atmosphere interactions are important sources of seasonal climate predictability in several parts of the world. Soil moisture and vegetation are key parameters influencing land-atmosphere interactions in the climate system by modifying the surface energy, moisture and carbon fluxes, and boundary conditions for the boundary layer. Because soil moisture, vegetation, turbulence (boundary layer and moist convection) organize on many different temporal and spatial scales, the study of land-atmosphere interactions has been notoriously difficult. The study of land-atmosphere interactions encompasses a wide range of disciplines from soil science, surface hydrology, hydrometeorology, plant physiology, turbulence, convection and atmosphere circulation. As such there is no single type of land-atmosphere interactions but a wide variety of cases embedded within the larger-scale general circulation.

The topic has become one of the leading topics in meteorology, climate and hydrologic sciences. Indeed correcty modelling and measureing the feedbacks between the lad surface and the atmosphere is key for improved weather (weekly) and climate forecast (ecpecially on subseasonal-seasonal and interannual time scales). In particular extreme hydrological events over continents (floods and droughts) are strongly modulated by land-atmosphere interactions.

This school aims at providing to young researchers - in particular Ph.D. students - an up-to-date training program presenting a quantitative approach outlining physical principles, and the mathematical basis of land-atmosphere interactions.

The Course will be held from June 22nd to July 1st, 2015 at the Conference Center at the City Hall of Valsavarenche, a small village at about 1500 meters above the sea-level in the Gran Paradiso National Park, Aosta Valley, Italy. Participants will be lodged in hotels in Valsavarenche. Transportation will be arranged from Torino to the school and back on June 21st and on July 2nd respectively.

The school has no registration fee. The cost of full board lodging (including all meals) for 11 nights, from June 21st evening to July 2nd 2015, is 737 euro sharing a double room with another participant, and 935 euro for a single room (please note that only a limited number of single rooms is available). The lodging cost will have to be paid directly to the hotel during your stay.

Deadline for applications is April 26th, 2015.

If you need more information, please contact the Scientific Secretary at the following Email address:

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