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Earth system modeling, i.e. building, running and interpreting the results of a model of the entire Earth system requires the collaboration of various scientific disciplines and different areas of expertise. In order to reach meaningful projections of the developments of global climate, discussion and comparisons of results at international level are indispensable.

This portal, established and maintained by IS-ENES, aims to provide the European Earth system modeling community with a marketplace to discuss, inform and interact. Besides the latest news on community efforts, upcoming events, educational activities and job offers, we regularly collect and publish short descriptions of prominent projects and initiatives in the field of climate and Earth system modeling. The contribution of the whole community is essential.

About ENES

The European Network of Earth System Modeling (ENES) gathers ~ 50 groups from the academic, public, and industrial world and is the initiator of many projects and initiatives in the field of European Earth system modeling.


Find here the latest news, events, job ads and leaflets.

Schools and Education

Keep yourself informed on courses related to Earth system modeling.

Projects and Initiatives

Browse through community projects and initiatives.


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