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C3 Workflows

Term workflow in C3Grid: Workflows in C3Grid are automatic standardized work for climate scientists who answer a question and can be applied to weather and climate data.

What are workflows / there were C3Grid and where these workflows continue to be used?

You may find C3 Workflow successors in

  • FREVA - the MiKlip evaluation Systen of FUB   (use Guest-Account to view the Plugins)

List of Workflows

The following are some of the workflows; under Documents / workflow documentations you may get detailed descriptions of these WFs (in german); in Freva there some documentation to the successors.

    C3 workflow (german)                               description                                                           re-use?


Calculates Stormtrack for analyses.
A tool for calculating the standard deviation of bandpassfiltered geopotential height anomalies or air pressure at sea level anomalies using the MiKlip database.

successor in MiKlip Stormtrack plugin in  FREVA

CWT (Circulation Weather Types) automatic classification of flow patterns and weather conditions on the basis of the reduced air pressure at sea level successor in MiKlip in  FREVA
Identification of high troughs based on geopotential height to estimate the cyclogenesis and precipitation formation successor in MiKlip in  FREVA
Calculation of the Eady growth rate for extratropical cyclones based on geopotential, temperature and wind speed for different levels
successor in MiKlip Eady in  FREVA
CT (Cyclone Tracking) Tracking of cyclones midlatitude using the Laplace of MSLP successor in MiKlip ZYKPAK in
LEV (Low End Visualzation)
allows a generic approach to visualize any records from the C3Grid repository and from the outputs of other workflows no re-use planned, but possible if necessary
HEV (High End Visualization) starts the visualization tool SimEnis to interactively operate high-end visualizations with selected records. HEV-Wizards SimEnvVis: successor at PIK
Qflux Calculation of atmospheric moisture fluxes using humidity measurements and wind vectors for determining the dampening household

planned re-use in MiKlip as Qflux in FREVA

CAPE (Convective Available Potential Energy) Calculating available convective potential energy to estimate convective rearrangements (e.g. Thunderstorms & shower) into kinetic energy planned re-use in MiKlip in FREVA
PV Troughs Identification and tracking of trays potential vorticity for locating dynamic processes
no re-use.
But WF can be reinstalled in FREVA

GIS (GeoinformationSystem) converts any netCDF file in a GIS compatible ASCII format
no re-use.
But GIS can be reinstalled in FREVA

LBC (Lateral Boundary Condition)


provides boundary data  for CLM regional model
no re-use
GRET  Grass reference evaporation according to Penman-Monteith no re-use
SDM (Species Distribution Model) Calculating the distribution occurring species by climate data reused in flyingpigeon in birdhouse
Segetalflora Calculation of Segetalflora (wild plant species) Spread with climate data. reused in flyingpigeon in birdhouse