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C3Grid Infrastructure

The C3Grid infrastructure is based on standard grid middleware ( e.g. Globus Toolkit ) and specific components to regard the requirements of scientific users in climate science.  The architecture is designed in a layer structure:

  • The upper layer provides a web based portal application as the universal entry for users. Technical details of data and compute providers as well as services from infrastructure layer are hidden from the user.
  • The infrastructure layer contains higher level services and includes Data Information Service (DIS), Data Management Service (DMS), and Workflow Scheduling Service (WSS). DIS is based on a central metadata catalogue and provides information about available data in C3Grid. The Data Management Service consists of service components to control the interaction between participating sites during data management and to trigger data staging. It allows a metadata driven processing of climate data along the complete workflow chain and supports data integration of various data archives based on open protocols and ISO metadata. Researchers in the climate community are working with complex workflows which consist of single task like data extraction, file transfer, and different types of analysis steps. Different tasks could be performed at different sites. The WSS steers such processes automatically and tries to optimize response time and data management aspects during execution. As a result of a complex negotiation process with the DMS, WSS selects dynamically adequate resources and data transfer routes in C3Grid. The underlying software has been tailored to the requirements of the climate community
  • In the lowest layer the providers are connected with the C3Grid. Interfaces were designed and implemented which ensures that the infrastructure layer can address the provider in a uniform way.

For further implementation details see Chapter 6 in

“Earth System Modelling – Volume 6: ESM Data Archives in the Times of the Grid"