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For any questions and support issues, please check our FAQ section first. In case you have a problem which is not already explained by our FAQ section, or for feedback and suggestions you have the possibility to .

Some rules to take care before you contact us

Please DO provide in your mail as much of the following information as possible:

  • Your name, your designation and your telephone number and, when mailing from a different account, your own email address.
  • The name and operating system (and the version of the OS) of the machine you are working on.
  • A detailed description of what goes wrong. Plus error messages the system shows to you.
  • A description of what you did before and when the problem occurred.
  • A description of the things you tried to solve the problem.

Please DO NOT do a couple of things:

  • don't make full quotes (complete citations) of our mails when you reply. In the web interface we see all previous mails you have sent and all our replies, so there is no need to quote them. If necessary please quote only the (small) part you refer to.
  • also very long signatures produce long ways to scroll down and make the request tracking system confusing.

Thank you for your cooperation!