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BMBFLogoThe project "C3Grid - INAD: Towards an Infrastructure for General Access to Climate Data" open the C3Grid to users on a large scale base.  For this purpose, the previously developed C3Grid infrastructure be expanded, so that an important tool for the daily work of climate scientists arises.  With it, the researcher can access the distributed data archives in a simple and uniform way and process the data for the user in the grid transparently.

The requirements for C3Grid were specified the typical scientific applications (model comparison, and regional modeling, and the participation in the IPCC AR5), and were defined as service need to be fulfilled.

1. The possibility of executing diagnostic workflows in the grid represents a specialty of C3Grid other international infrastructures.  The workflows for the data analysis formerly implemented as "proof of concept" are being complemented  through other standard workflows with a broader application. In addition, the technical requirements are created in order to allow much more flexible applications. The goal is a user-definable sequence of CDO calls and the possibility of accessing  the results of preceding processings for a certain time period (midterm).

2. The pool of data available in C3Grid as the work fundament of the workflows is been considerably expanded.  Besides, new data is been integrated into the C3Grid, particularly data on the IPCC AR5 and a range of data products based on satellite data. In addition, tools for generating metadata are provided to ease the process of embedding further data perspectively
.  For the access to the IPCC AR5, C3Grid will undergo adaptions in terms of interoperability and security infrastructure. This provides the members of the German climate community with a convenient platform for collaboration. This work will increase the international visibility of C3Grid.

3. For the sustainable operation of C3Grid, the underlying middleware must become stable and be supplemented with components for better tracking of submitted jobs. This includes also a well-developed support structure which can assist both the provider and the users in problems. To
provide the scientists after the project end with a platform for interinstitutional collaborations with an extensive data fundament,  the institutionalization of the operations is sought.

In the project "C3Grid-INAD", C3Grid is expanded to an infrastructure that supplies the scientists on the one hand with a comprehensive overview of many data as possible and  on the other hand helps solving common tasks more efficiently through the worklow offer.  Although the focus of the project is aimed mainly to scientists in the basic research, some problems from the field of the climate impact research are being addressed too, so that C3Grid climate research data could be made accessible and usable for people from outside the scientific scope.