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About the aims and objectives of the Project


IS-ENES2 will:

Foster the integration of the European Climate and Earth system modeling community

  • Strengthen ENES governance, further developing its strategy, especially with regards to model evaluation and model developments
  • Stimulate interactions between global and regional climate modeling communities
  • Develop training


Enhance the development of Earth System Models for the understanding of climate variability and change

  • Network on future model developments required to improve model quality and use of future computing architectures
  • Stimulate common software developments and providing a service on models and tools


Support high-end simulations enabling us to better understand and predict climate variations and change

  • Prepare for future exascale computing architectures
  • Prepare multi-model high resolution common experiments on the European PRACE high-performance computer facilities
  • Stimulate collaboration with ICT companies


Facilitate the application of Earth system model simulations to better predict and understand climate change impacts on society

  • Enhance the dissemination of model results from both global and regional model experiments
  • Develop an interface dedicated to the climate impact community and improving the quality of information on simulations through metadata developments and guidance to users
  • Enhance interaction between the climate modelling activity and users from companies and the emerging climate services
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IS-ENES3 has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824084