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List of public reports associated with milestones.
 Title   Type 
IS-ENES2_MS2.5_Update of ENES strategy for HPC File
IS-ENES2_MS4.2_Initial workshop on meta-data generation during experiments report File
IS-ENES2_MS4.3_Draft governance model document for the community coupler File
IS-ENES2_MS4.5_Configuration Management Best Practice Guide for Climate Science File
IS-ENES2_MS4.6_Final workshop on meta-data generation during experiments File
IS-ENES2_MS5.2_Consultations on Data Access Protocols File
IS-ENES2_MS5.3_Consultation on Quality Control Requirements File
IS-ENES2_MS5.4_Synthesis report on metadata requirements regarding relevant data archives File
IS-ENES2_MS6.1_Report on needs for the EEA Clearing House File
IS-ENES2_Combined milestone MS7.1, MS7.2, MS7.3 File
IS-ENES2_MS7.5_Documentation of the reference and sensitivity experiments based on ORCA025 configuration of NEMO File
IS-ENES2_MS7.7_Documentation of the reference and sensitivity experiments based on the activation of LIM3 in ORCA025 File
IS-ENES2_MS8.1_ENES Climate Data Infrastructure Help Desk File
IS-ENES2_MS8.2_Set-up of the review committee File
IS-ENES2_MS8.5_JRA3 developed services deployed on CLIMATE4IMPACTS File
IS-ENES2_MS8.6_Improved version of CMIP5 Quality Control available to ENES CDI File
IS-ENES2_MS8.8_CLIMATE4IMPACTS components available for use in tailored impact portals File
IS-ENES2_MS8.9_Improved Data Access available from ENES Climate Data Infrastructure File
IS-ENES2_MS9.1_Multi-member HR prediction experiment using Autosubmit on Tier-1 File
IS-ENES2_MS9.2_Further developments of Autosubmit File
IS-ENES2_MS9.3_Evaluate other ESMs compatibility with IPSL I/O server File
IS-ENES2_MS9.4_Fully parallel coupling library ported and optimized on Tier1/0 File
IS-ENES2_MS9.5_New CDI release with I/O developments from IS-ENES1 and ICOMEX File
IS-ENES2_MS9.6_New release of CDO with improved parallel performance File
IS-ENES2_MS9.7_Model interface updates for compliance with new OASIS coupler File
IS-ENES2_MS9.8_New I/O server release File
IS-ENES2_MS9.9_Release of Autosubmit to the ENES community through a GNU license File
IS-ENES2_MS10.1_Benchmark definition for evaluation of coupling strategies File
IS-ENES2_MS10.2_Benchmark version of the four coupled models File
IS-ENES2_MS10.3_Kernels extracted from ICON and NEMO File
IS-ENES2_MS10.4_Implementation of the benchmark suite for evaluation of coupling strategies File
IS-ENES2_MS10.5_Benchmark version of ICON File
IS-ENES2_MS11.1_Monitoring system and dashboard design document File
IS-ENES2_MS11.2_Web processing services: report on synergies between task 1 and 3 File
IS-ENES2_MS11.3_Revised generic questionnaire s/w package available File
IS-ENES2_MS11.5_Review requirements and resources for pre-computed products File
IS-ENES2_MS11.7_Integration of services for indices and averaging File
IS-ENES2_MS11.8_Review CLIMATE4IMPACT services and objectives File
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