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About the aims and objectives of the project

IS-ENES will:


Foster the integration of the European climate and Earth system modelling community

  • Further integrate the European ESM community, through networking activities (=NA) focusing on the development of the future ENES strategy, the exchange of expertise and the development of training activities (NA1 and NA3)

  • Develop a virtual Earth System Modelling Resource Centre (v.E.R.C.), using ICT technologies to integrate the different distributed facilities currently existing or developed during this project (NA2)

Foster the development of Earth System Models for the understanding of climate change

  • Increase the services around ESMs, by enhancing model documentation and developing a service on common tools and model components (NA3 and service activity SA1)

  • Foster the joint development and common evaluation of the European ESMs through networking activities and joint research activities on ESM software environment (i.e. the tools to prepare, run, store, evaluate and exploit model simulations) and ESM components (NA2, JRA1 and JRA3)

Foster high-end simulations enabling to better understand and predict future climate change

  • Ensure an efficient access and execution of ESMs on high-performance computing facilities, by developing a common strategy, by enhancing the interface with and access to the EU large infrastructures DEISA2 and PRACE, by improving model performance on different computer architectures (NA1 and JRA2)

Foster the application of Earth system model simulations to better predict and understand future climate change impacts

  • Enhance the dissemination of model results, by enhancing the service around model results following the INSPIRE EU directive and developing more efficient tools to access data  (SA2 and JRA4)

  • Enhance the interaction with decision makers and user communities, mainly concerned by climate change impact studies, through service activity and joint research development on data access as well as more adapted indicators. This will help Europe prepare for adaptation as recommended by the 2007 EU Green paper “Adapting to climate change in Europe” (NA1 and JRA5)

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IS-ENES3 has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824084